What is ChatGPT? What can you use ChatGPT for?

What is chat gpt

ChatGPT is a chatbot that has gone viral in recent months

ChatGPT is a viral chatbot based on artificial intelligence (AI) technology that has captured the world’s attention in recent months.

Chat GPT is a super tool that can do almost everything online.

It is designed to support people with a lot of detail to answer questions while also continuously improving itself through machine language learning.

It was developed by an American company OpenAI and can be used only on a web browser, where you need to create an account.

But what purposes can you use ChatGPT for? If this is not known then this tool is of no use.

So find out what you can do with Chat GPT

Improve your Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Chat gpt for students

ChatGPT can also create a great CV for you, all you have to do is tell them what you want in your CV.

Preparing for a job interview

Chat gpt best work

Like CV, Chat GPT can also help in office interview preparation.

All you have to do is ask him how to prepare for a job interview or what are the possible questions to ask and how to answer them.

Summarizing and simplifying writing

About chat gpt

ChatGPT can also provide you with summaries of research papers, reports, webpages and other content so that you don’t have to waste time reading long texts.

This is a feature that is very important for students or journalists.

Also, you can decide yourself how many words or sentences to summarize an article or you can ask the chatbot to generate specific points of an article in bullet point format.

Making sense of complex topics or ideas

You can ask ChatGPT what quantum machines are or ask him about any complex topic. He will answer you in a way that is very easy to understand.

Search for a movie or cooking recipe

Chet GPT is no less than a film critic or a professional chef, who can help you learn the recipe of a meal while he can tell you which movie might suit your taste.

Translation of writing

Using chatGpt as a translator

ChatGPT can translate a text in 95 different languages ​​and do it quite accurately. You just need to read it once to see if there is any mistake, after which you can use it

Write or fix the code

ChatGpt coding

With ChatGPT you can understand or write many computer codes.

Even if you don’t know anything about computer code, it is possible to write it with the help of chatgpt or it can be easy to understand various problems of devices.

Become a writer

Yes indeed you can make Chat GPT write a story by providing different scenarios.

This is very helpful when you have an idea or a scene in your mind but are having trouble writing it down.

Play games

Use of chatGpt in gaming

You can also play many games on ChatGPT as it is a chatbot based on AI language model so many games are also text based on it.

But you can ask him which games are possible to play and he will tell you about the games that you can play.

Chatgpt disadvantages

Note: Chatgpt is not always helpful, many times it also faces difficulties and its responses are strange.

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